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Write a resume that positions you as the perfect fit

Author: Abhinav                                                                                   Date: 25-06-2016

Write a Resume that positions you as the perfect fit

Your resume should display you as that piece of the puzzle that completes the picture.

The job market today demands specialists. Generalists have minimal value today with the industry striving hard for experts. In this tough market, it is the candidate who has to convince the employer about his/her perfect positioning in an organization. You have to do this in various stage starting from your resume.

When you are applying for a job, there are three things you should consider when positing yourself right:

·         How do you fit the position?

·         How do you fit the company?

·         How do you fit the industry?

The best way to show that you fit is by unification of these three factors and display it in your resume.

Targeting a Specific Position

To show that you fit the position you are targeting, share examples of how you have faced and overcome challenges. To bring more value to your resume, support your achievements in the role with numbers. Additionally, make sure your personal brand brands you as the perfect fit.

Next, Find the Perfect Company

Know who you have to work and then research how you fit in the company. Merge with the company goals and values. Study the culture of the companies you apply to and go on with preparing what you got to offer to the company.

Get Sufficient Industry Knowledge

Yes, you need to be an expert in what you are doing but on the bigger picture you should have the idea about the industry.

At various points all through your resume, the recruiter should get a hang of you as the lost puzzle piece he had been looking.

If you can kill it through your resume, half of your job is already done.

Hence it is utmost important that you understand why your resume needs professionalism. 




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