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Optimizing your resume for the 10 second initial review

Author: Abhinav                                                                                   Date: 10-08-2016

Optimizing your resume for the 10 second initial review

It is a fact known to all that recruiters spend no more than 10 seconds on a resume and make a decision whether to keep the resume or move on. The job market today wants you to focus on writing your resume so that you never miss an opportunity. You have got 10 seconds to make your impression and surely you want to do it right.

To land yourself at second glance, here is what you should do:

Keep it Short

Keep adding words and pushing down the relevant information that the recruiter is looking for. You want your skills to be noticed by the hiring manager, keep them at the top. The first two third of your resume is the most important section of you resume and you need to make the most of it. Be concise and keep it to the point. Make sure that every word that is a part of your resume is selling you to the employer.

Modify It

This is one of the most important steps you can take. Your resume should have keywords and titles from the job description. In fact, not only you need to modify your resume according to the job you are applying to, but also to the company.

Modify your resume in a way that you align yourself with the employers brand keeping your individuality intact.

Make it ATS Friendly

There is no use of working hard on a resume, if it does not reach the desired human hands. A number of employers today use automated tracking systems which shortlist resumes on the basis of keywords. Hence professionally incorporating keywords is an important step to take.

If you have been using these techniques, still not hearing from the employer, it is time you seek professional help. Professional resume writing services gives you experts that have immense knowledge about resume writing and helps you create a resume that gets you short listed. 



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