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5 things you absolutely must include on your cv

Author: Abhinav                                                                                   Date: 28-09-2016

5 Things You Absolutely Must Include on Your CV

Resume is one of the most powerful tool in your job search process. Your resume creates your brand value in the eyes of the employer. Your resume is the first impression that you put on the recruiter. Hence it is utmost important that you should work on your resume and bring out the best in you.

Your resume expresses you in the job market. It should display the “best of you” and hence the following should definitely are absolutely a must in your CV.


A part of your resume usually the first part should be a career narrative that tells a story about your achievements, relevant skills and experience. Do not include every job that you have done. Be selective and put information that is relevant. You should emphasize on skills that you have learned from the job.


The job description that you are applying to has a certain set of keywords that you should be using in your resume. This firstly makes your resume ATS friendly. Secondly, adding keywords from the description reflects that you have taken the pain to modify your resume for this job.

Accolades and Recognition

If you have done it, you should definitely put it on your resume. This is not only impressive but also displays qualities like ability to learn and grow. This works as a proof of your investment towards the growth of an organization.


You must list your relevant experience (if any) in a chronological order. Also, a part of your resume should list your education and qualifications. If you are a beginner, qualifications will occupy a large part of your resume.

Personal Details

Lastly, it is important that the recruiter is able to get in touch if he/she is pleased with the information in your resume. Hence, your personal details like a contact number and e-mail id should be present in your resume. You can avoid putting up your residential address (until someone asks you to mention it).

These five things are a must inclusions in your resume. Make sure you have them all before you apply using your professional resume. 



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