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5 resume changes that can maximize your impact on the employer

Author: Sahil Yadav                                                                                   Date: 02-07-2016

5 Resume Changes that Can Maximize Your Impact on the Employer

What impacts your job search? The way you brand yourself through your resume. When you are looking for a job, you would anything to maximize your impact on the employer.

Your resume is one of the greatest tool you use in your job search process and with some simple changes you can make it more impactful on the employer.

Here are some resume changes that can help you maximize your impact:

Keep It Short and Crisp

You must have heard the advice to keep your resume short a number of times. This advice does not mean that your resume has to be a single page. The “keep it short” phrase applies to every part of your resume.

·         Use a career snapshot of 2-3 lines than a career summary

·         Use a branding statement

·         Use numbers/facts to highlight your accomplishments

·         Write content that is slim and concise

·         Keep enough white space so that it comes out neat

It is very important that your resume looks professional. You could use professional hands to get your resume written.

Include a Story

Include a story that narrates a situation where you went through a challenge and came out successfully. Employers love stories.

Create an Effective Personal Brand

Your personal brand does not mean that you include a statement at the top and that is it. Your personal brand on your resume is the entire content you use to reflect your professional career. Hence, throughout the resume work on your brand.

Have an Objective Statement? Remove it

Objective statements are out of date. Firstly, they do not help. Secondly, they can hurt your job search. So it is better to get rid of the objective statement.


Remove Things That Don’t Strengthen Your Candidacy

It is absolutely okay to get rid of things that does not create an impact on your current job search. It could be any educational information or experience. If it does not sync with your present job search, it should not be taking any space in your branding document.

Include things in your resume that strengthen your candidacy.


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