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5 creative ways to make your cv stand out

Author: Aakash                                                                                   Date: 17-08-2016

5 Creative Ways to Make Your CV Stand Out

Is your resume holding you back? You know you are the perfect fit for the job and yet you are not hearing back from any application that you send around. The recruiters spend less than 10 seconds on a resume and in that time they shortlist the ones which have the potential to catch the eyes in those fraction of seconds.

If your resume is just an ordinary resume, here are 5 ways that will make your CV stand out:

Use a Story

What makes you a perfect fit for the job you are applying? Your qualifications and your experiences. But just listing them would not grab you an opportunity. Use your experiences to create a compelling story telling the recruiters you have solutions to their problems. Use actions that increased productivity or benefited the company in any way. Quantifying your story will further create an impact.

Make Your Summary the Most Valuable Spot

Your summary should occupy the most valuable spot highlighting everything distinguishing about you and your experience in the field. Drop the general details and use the section to highlight something that is extremely valuable to the employer. Think of your summary as your brand statement.

A professionally written resume creates a perfect personal branding statement.

Show Your Enthusiasm on Social Media

You might be very enthusiastic about an opportunity but not always you get to flaunt it on your resume. You can flaunt your recommendations and endorsements on social media. Also if you are an active user and constantly update yourself about the industry, you can expect to be at an edge.

Add Personality and Flavour

If you are in the creative field, then rather than just putting it on the paper, you should show it. You can play with the design, showcase your projects, add a cover letter and also include an about me section in the introduction.

Use Industry Keywords

Lastly, an important rule is to use industry keywords. You can creatively include keywords so that your resume is ATS friendly as well as creative enough to the human eyes. 


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