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7 signs it is time to find a new job

Author: Aakash                                                                                   Date: 02-09-2016

7 Signs It Is Time to Find a New Job

Imagine you reach your work place and you have a sign board signalling you to leave. It is time to get up and come out of the dream world where you have been imagining things like that to happen. In the real world, you would not feel the need to get out of the comfort zone you have built for yourself.

In the real world, there will be small signs that signal you that it is time to get your resume ready and find a new job.

Being passed over for a due promotion or asking for a pay cut might not always happen to make you feel that it is time to move on. Keep an eye on the following signs that signal you to move on from the current job.

1.       Every day is a Monday

Monday blues are normal. But if you feel Monday blues on each day of the week, there is something definitely wrong. Work will always be work, but it should not be torturing you where you dread going to office every morning. Waking up every morning with a feeling of avoiding work is a clear sign that your current job is bringing nothing productive for you.

2.       You Feel Stressed Out Always

Workloads and staying late in office for projects are fine, but always feeling the stress can be dangerous for your health. Massive stress leads to major health problems manifesting itself physically as constant headaches, digestive or digestive issues as well mentally where you might get feelings of helplessness and anxiety.

3.       Boredom is Always on Your Mind

A comfortable routine where you just tick your to-do list every day without feeling any excitement or challenges at your work striking boredom always, it is time to move on. Not only is it harmful to your career but also to your skills. Boredom can also make your work suffer.

4.       There is No Scope of Growth

Stagnation at work place is quite common where there is no room for growing your career. When you cannot develop your skills and the current employer is in no mood to help you look for growth perspectives, it is time to move on. 

5.       The Money Matters

One of the prime reasons that you work is to support yourself financially. If your work is not fulfilling that need of yours and compared to the industry standards you are underpaid, you should be moving on.

6.       The Environment is Toxic

The environment you work with has a major role in developing yourself. The negativity at your workplace can start to trickle into your non-working hours, there is a problem.

7.       Your Job Does Not Support Your Long Term Goals

If you cannot see your current job to meet your long-term career goals, you need to find a job that supports your goal. It is okay to have goals shifted over a period of time, but currently if your job does not support your current long term goals, it is time to update your resume and spread it out to find a job that helps you fulfil your long term goals. 


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