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Crisp Resume is a stable of professional, highly skilled resume writers committed to creating world-class resumes, covering a diverse range of industries, all of whom live and work where you do — in Australia. 

There is nothing “pro-forma” about a resume from Crisp Resumes. We create resume’s from scratch, a process that begins with an in-depth one-on-one interview between you and your resume author. 

The Crisp Resume service hinges on customer service. In fact, we believe the Crisp Resume experience is second to none. Indeed, we believe that to achieve the very best results, a partnership between you and the writer is essential. To this end, no other resume writing service in Australia will provide you with the phone number and email address of your resume’s author. This partnership also saves time by avoiding any “middleman” and the attendant inadvertent errors that can creep in when a third party is involved. At the conclusion of the writing process, once you are totally satisfied that the highest result has been achieved, along with PDFs you’ll be provided with the original Word doc. so that if you choose to make later changes they can be done quickly and at your leisure

Our writers live and breathe resumes, analysing national and international industry and market trends. They also get out from behind their laptops and talk to employers, all so that you can be sure the resume you commission from Crisp Resume will project your abilities and skills in the most advantageous light possible, and in the language of your specific industry.

It really comes down to this: if you want to maximise your chance of winning that dream job in an ultra-competitive jobs market, leading with a resume from Crisp Resume is the very best decision you can make. 

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