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How long is too long for my resume

Author: Abhinav                                                                                   Date: 18-06-2016

How Long Is Too Long For My Resume

How long your resume should be? This debate is coming from ages and honestly have seen no concluding end to it. But with the changing scenarios, the debate is more about a one page or a two page resume. Anything above is neglected right away. So coming down to a one page or a two page resume?

The answer depends on what all you think is important for the recruiter to know for a particular opening you are applying to. The crux comes out to be that you need to tailor your resume for the job you are applying to.

What Recruiters Say?

Recruiters are not pleased by too much information honestly. They are not interested in your duties. Rather what they want to know is your achievements and the skills you possess. Also, depending on the experience you have, prioritize the experience you want to include.

For example, if you have a total of 10 year experience but your digital marketing experience is of 3 years, you can move on with the previous roles just mentioning the designation, role and duration you were at a job and elaborate your role as a digital marketer as it is more related to the job you are applying at the moment.

Education? Yes or No?

For someone who is fresh out of college, it is like the only thing you have to put in your resume. For someone with a good number of experience can just include the basic information skipping the major details. Once you are in the field your experience matters more than your education.

One Page or Two?

There is no hard and fast rule. If you can fit in all your information in a single document, that’s great. But, if you have relevant information that the recruiter would not mind reading you can add a page. But stick to two page. A resume that is more than two pages loses its value. 



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