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The top 5 qualities employers are looking for in candidates

Author: Akansha                                                                                   Date: 11-09-2016

The Top 5 Qualities Employers are Looking for in Candidates

You’ve brushed up on body language, scoured your resume of clichéd buzzwords, and even gotten a handle on the dreaded video interview. You are now ready for your job search. But if you do not have the personality traits that most employers are looking for, this can be all might be for naught.

When a company is looking out for a candidate in a particular role, they are looking for someone who fits the job as well as suits the company culture. Hence, there is a set of certain qualities that the employers are looking in candidates. Here are top 5 qualities that the employers are looking for in candidates:

#1 Intelligence

Major portion of an employee’s contribution to the job he/she is at is analysed by the level of intelligence one possess. The ability to plan, get the job done, solve problems, set priorities and to organize things all are a part of your intelligence. Your practical ability to deal with day to day problems sums up your professional intelligence.

#2 The Ability to Lead

The desire to accept responsibilities, take charge and delivering the required results marks a leader. The employer expects you to have these qualities.

#3 Integrity

The ability to remain true to yourself and the willingness to accept your strengths and weaknesses shows your honesty with yourself. Accepting the mistakes that you have made in the past and the ability to grow over them is what the employers are looking for.

#4 Amiability

Employers like people who are likeable, warm, easy going and friendly. Employers look for someone who can be easily be the part of the team and have worked with a team in the past are welcomed easily.

#5 The Willingness to Take Risks

The willingness to take risks combined with taking challenges and taking up new assignments that have a high risk of failure. Also, the ability to speak and let your thoughts out on a difficult situation adds to this quality.

Above all, it is your character that is the sum total of all the positive qualities you have and how can they benefit you in getting a job. Use examples of these in your resume to create a solid first impression.



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