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Does following up with employers bear fruit

Author: Karan Rao                                                                                   Date: 20-06-2016

Does Following Up with Employers Bear Fruit

Does following up with a potential employer really matter? Completely yes! A follow-up e-mail or a phone call is a gesture that can set you apart from other applicants. Once you are done with the interview you got to write a thank you note. That is one strategic move that keeps you at an edge.

Following up is crucial. But you should not sound desperate.

When Do You Sound Desperate?

When your follow-up mail or call offers no value to the employer and is self-centred. So the next time you are about to write a follow-up mail or make a call, expect them to return only when you have substantial value to offer to them.

Following-Up after an Application

If you are in a situation where you haven’t heard anything from the employer beyond an application that you sent with your professionally written resume, it is a virtuous step to write a short e-mail or make a small phone call. In the mail that you write you can ask them if they have received your application and whether there is anything else that could help them with this application.

Following-Up after an Interview

You are short-listed and receive an interview call from the employer. Good news! But what if you do not hear back from them after the interview for a long period? There is where you can and should follow-up. Following-Up after an interview:

·         Sends a message to the employer that you really are interested in the position

·         That you value the organization and hence are looking forward to join them

The above two messages conveyed can get you through the next round of interview.

What You Should Not Do for Following-Up?

·         Contacting the employer a number of times

·         Lying about a job offer

·         Stop looking out for other options

·         Become inaccessible without informing the employer

·         Obsess about the job

Following-Up is a crucial step and must be done in the right manner to successfully land to a job. 



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