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How to show your company culture in your cover letter

Author: Ravi Teja                                                                                   Date: 23-11-2016

How to Show Your Company Culture in Your Cover Letter Usually, when you are searching for a job you are geared up with everything but when it comes to your cover letter it seems like all the English that you have learnt does not make sense anymore. At times you might be able to write your qualifications and work responsibilities but there is something still missing that makes you a perfect fit for the job.

When writing a cover letter, remember that the employer is looking for answers to what you can do for them and how do you fit the company. The latter half can be a difficult part as it is difficult to make them understand that you fit even before getting the job.

Here are some ways that can help you understand the company culture.

Read and Read More

The only way you can get a hang of the company culture without being a part of it is to study the company well. Start with the company website, blog and especially the people section. Check out their social media accounts for latest happenings at the work culture. You are sure to get a hang of company culture and accordingly you can modify your cover letter. Use a similar voice that you found on blog and company pages.

Display Your Personality

A perfect employee is the one is a combination of both professional suitability and personal compatibility with the environment. So, when you are drafting your cover letter just do not think about how would you fit professionally but also include personality traits that would help you fit in.

Remember Cardinal Rule

What is it? Never re-use your over letter. When you are in deep job search applying to 10 positions every day, it is tempting to use a sample cover letter for every application. But that is the biggest cover letter mistake you are making. Ensure that you tailor your cover letter for every job that you are applying to. No matter how smartly you substitute words. It will never give the same impression as an original would do. Use specific examples that match the job description and make the one for this role.

When you really want the job, display it in your cover letter by visualizing yourself as a member of the organization. It would be easier for you to write a cover letter.


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