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Crisp Resume - An Investment in Your Future

A resume is often the first impression you’ll make on a prospective employer. It begins the process of unlocking that dream job. It’s your “foot in the door”, if you like, reaching out and convincing a prospective employer at arm’s length that you are someone they simply must interview. So, when your next move could well define your career for years to come, it makes absolute sense to lead with a resume crafted by experts who know exactly what employers are looking for. To ignore this simple truth is, at best, unwise. Unlike some resume services, a resume from Crisp Resume isn’t a reformat of the details you send through to us. The unrivalled service we provide matches your profession with a resume writer experienced in your chosen field or industry. This professional then works with you to craft a bespoke showcase of your skills, expertise, accomplishments and experience. The end result is a compelling tailored document that simply can’t be ignored

How Crisp Resume Works  

The Crisp Resume process begins with a phone interview between you and your resume writer, building trust and rapport. Your attributes, knowledge and skills are drawn out one-on-one before any of your employment virtues are committed to paper. Of course, your industry is also discussed along with the new job you have targeted, which is the goal you and your resume writer are jointly working towards. Ultimately this process will result in a resume that dovetails with your chosen profession; a resume crafted so that your prospective employer finds it compulsory reading. There is nothing “off the shelf” about the Crisp Resume service

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The Importance of LinkedIn Profile 

As you are no doubt aware, your LinkedIn profile is today a critical element in the job selection process. There isn’t a single employer who won’t be checking your bona fides online. To this end, Crisp Resume recommends you choose a package that includes a major update and re-write of your social media profile(s). Again, this is a specific skill that we can provide as our pool of expertise includes dedicated social media profile writers. If you prefer, however, we can also arm you with detailed instructions to help you create or update your existing profile.

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Where Do We Get Our Resume Writers From?

A history teacher couldn’t be expected to write a convincing resume for a pilot, just as a pilot couldn’t write a resume that passes inspection for a mining CFO’s position. That’s why Crisp Resume has cherry picked the very best resume writers from a diverse range of industries. Only Crisp Resume can guarantee to partner you with a writer who lives and works in Australia, one who understands the minutia of your industry. The Australian connection is something that can’t be overstated. It’s absolutely imperative that the right questions are asked, the correct conclusions reached and the information suitably formatted, all so that the resulting Crisp Resume resonates like no other with the prospective employer. As an added failsafe in our process, each and every resume from Crisp Resume is sense checked by another writer from the Australian HR world so that you can be sure it passes any and all scrutiny

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How Long Does The Crisp Resume Process Take? 

Once you’ve selected the package that best suits your needs, the Crisp Resume process begins immediately. At our end, the perfect resume writer is selected and the initial interview scheduled. Within two days of this first interview, a draft of your resume will be in your inbox. You then share your feedback over the phone and/or email, and your resume writer amends accordingly. It’s a simple, but nonetheless effective, process. Drafts and amendments on your resume continue for up to three weeks. Indeed, your Crisp Resume writer doesn’t stop working until you are one hundred percent happy with the outcome. We insist that you be demanding — your resume is about your future

Our Process

Once you submit your order online we’ll schedule a time for a personalized and thorough telephone consultation to get to know you and your career goals better. This initial consultation will last approximately 20-90 minutes. We’ll want to know your goals for your career, positions and/or companies of interest, your employment history-and your passions, talents, and interests.

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Charlotte, Perth

Thanks Team. My career seems to be moving now thanks to your professional writing services. Within one week of floating the new resume, I have 2 interviews scheduled and cant wait to give you the good news.

Vijaya, Melbourne Loved the resume and cover letter I received from Crisp Resume. Andrew Martin, you have done a great job. Just brilliant. Hoping to see good response from the recruiters now.

Chris, Auckland Andrew from Crisp Resume was great to work with, he was able to pull all relevant details from my existing C.V. & turn it into a professional level C.V. I needed to read twice to confirm it was my C.V.

Kinchit, Brisbane Ray is an excellent resume writer. My resume was presented in a professiona manner and I am happy with the outcome. He has done a really good job! Thanks!

Ray, Sydney  Yes, I would  like to put out a word on the new Resume. But the profile writing for my LinkedIn account is a stand out. I am so confident that I have put the URL on my business card. 

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